Yudi Laksana

Yudi Laksana.jpg

Yudi is a dancer, performer and choreographer who was born in Bali island. In 2008 he was the“Art ambassador”, representing the province of Bali in Badung and he has been choreographer in many places including Udayana, Cultural Parade of the State Palace “Parade Budaya di Istana Negara RI”, Kodam Udayana,  RS Indera Denpasar student creativity competitions, BNDCC, BUMN Jakarta, “Innovative Bangli”-events, Bali Mahalango, “Bangli greatness dance” as an educator at NGO Cendekia Harapan (Childrens house) in Jimbaran as well as doing lot of private projects on his own.

In JT Life Studio, he is performing Papuan warrior dance, Jaipong West-Javanese dance and Hegong dance from Maumere, which all are celebrating the ancient roots of Indonesian archipelago, its rich heritage, traditions and culture.

The artist states 'a lot of people assume that traditional and modern or today’s art is opposite. Then, it triggers the assumption that traditional things are old-fashioned and cannot adapt to the times, while modern refers to the properties of the renewable (up to date) and always adjust to the development of the times. Thus, the traditional is considered to be crushed with the modern. In the case of the development of art, many people assume that traditional art will be lost to modern art because modern art is considered more capable in terms of satisfying the soul or mind of society. Modern art is defined as art that is born following the motion of the times and always contemporary (renewable).'