What you can do


The event at Arma will be as Green as possible with no plastic, and as small a footprint on the planet as possible. We are working in conjunction with the Green School students to achieve this objective. The Indigenous celebration is a non profit event meaning that any  profits after costs will be distributed to the Yayasan Ranu Welum. and used to  -    

Plant trees to start repairing the damage from de forestation in Kalimantan , the lungs of the planet. The goal is to plant 2000 trees as each ticket sold we will plant a seedling.

Build Dams to rehydrate the peat lands that have been severely damaged, more info below Our goal is to  rehydrate 20 dams. They cost 5 million rupiah each so we would need to raise 100 million.

20,000 rupiah from each reusable water bottle sold will go to this project. This is a good example of repairing the environment and providing employment to indigenous people.

The team can build one dam in one day.

In Sabangau,central Kalimantan  we have permanent members of staff who lead the dam building project, they are all Dayak people from the local village of Kereng. When we build dams we hire more men from Kereng to help with the manual work (it is tough work carrying all the equipment/wood into the forest) and they are hired on a temporary basis.

We need to raise more money for our new programmes in Rungan and Barito Ulu so we can increase our teams who are implementing conservation, research and education projects on the ground and thus create more jobs for indigenous people in Kalimantan.

Supporting indigenous film makers with training and equipment

Supporting Indigenous education programs such as Sekolah Adat or customary schools in Kalimantan.