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Tebo Aumbara is a contemporary dancer and choreographer. He graduated from the Indonesian Institute of the Arts, Denpasar (ISI Denpasar). He has performed and collaborated extensively throughout Indonesia, Australia and Eastern Europe. His diverse experiences range from ancient sacred dance to contemporary dance.

Tebo has been living in Bali for the past 8 years. Drawing inspiration from the rich heritage and the deep spiritual roots of Javanese and Balinese cultures, he went on to study the Sufi whirling dance with his master from Turkey. Whirling is a moving meditation technique developed by the beloved poet and mystic, Rumi. Originated in the 13th-centruy Turkey, it has been practiced as an ancient sacred ritual by the Sufi Dervishes order that follows Rumi.

With over twenty years of experience under his belt, Tebo continues to train rigorously and grow creatively. For him, dance is not only movement but also a path to mind mastering and soul opening. It has strengthened his ability to connect with the greater universe. With a strong sense of social responsibility, Tebo strives to raise public awareness of the cultural significance of tradiional dances.