Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1969.

Self-taught in documentary photography, since 1991, he has devoted himself to portraying indigenous cultures in Latin America. He has traveled through 8 countries and lived in 25 indigenous communities. This work culminated in the 2003 publication of the book Guardians of Time: Portraits of the Spirit of Latin America with a prologue by Nobel Laureate José Saramago.

He is currently working on a new editorial project, Africa in the Americas, which documents the Afrodescendant cultures on the American continent. He has traveled to 18 countries for this project.

His work has been published in books and magazines, including National Geographic (cover, February 2005), Time, Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, UNICEF, and Travel & Leisure. Additionally, he has held numerous workshops, lectures, and exhibitions in museums and art galleries throughout the world, including Bhutan, India, China, Indonesia, the United States, Mexico, Argentina, Peru and Cuba.

He spends part of the year in Bali, Indonesia, documenting the lives and cultures of minority tribes in Asia, and working toward a long-term book project, Tribal People of Asia

Suki will be holding photography workshops during the Indigenous

celebration presenting some of his outstanding work over the past 30 years in indigenous communities all over the world. Suki express his work from the heart and soul and has taught and inspired many students to use photography as not only a way to express their feelings and creative talents, but how to use photography to give back and support indigenous people