How are Indigenous People Protecting our Planet?

This month we are featuring stories and articles from across our network and beyond of how indigenous communities are at the heart of nature-based solutions to combat deforestation and the climate crisis.

Did you know deforestation has been found to be five times higher outside of indigenous territories and conservation units? In other words, the indigenous communities living and working within our forests are proving to be the best line of defense against deforestation. Learn more here as we celebrate how Indigenous Peoples are Protecting the Planet. 

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Indigenous Peoples hold Key Knowledge for Sustainable Water Solutions

"My people understand that we are the river, we are the water, and this makes us closer to the essence of Mother Earth." - Regional leader Geovani Krenak 

On March 22nd the world celebrated World Water Day with the theme 'Nature for Water'.  Despite the threats to our water systems that stem from climate change, there are nature-based solutions and Indigenous peoples are at their core.


New Partner Film

Putting Down Roots: The forest communities fighting climate change

Produced by FERN, this film details how environmentalists are working with local communities to restore degraded forests systems, and why it is so important. 


Reflections about Carnival season on behalf of the Guarani people

It is carnival season throughout Brazil. For the Guarani people, it is a sacred time, a time where they celebrate their ancient culture. With strong connections to nature, they bring in their new year with the changing season and look back at their historical struggle for freedom and the desire to express openly that they were and always would be indigenous.


Ejidos in Mexico featured in new Mongabay article  

Ejidos - this enterprising model, where landscapes are owned and managed by local communities, in Mexico are not only a successful means of conserving forests but are also providing economic opportunities in rural communities. Yet, proposed changes to the country’s Forestry Law could put the entire ejido system in jeopardy, find out more in this Mongabay article featuring our film Ejidos - successful community-managed forests in Mexico.