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Growing up in Borneo, Alena was surrounded by a rich natural environment, and cultures of many different indigenous cultures of the island. She is part Kelabit - one of the smallest ethnic groups on the island. Learning from her Kelabit and Kenyah elders, Alena sings, dances and is one of the first women to openly perform and teach the Sape. She is actively preserving the disappearing music of Sarawaks, bringing the songs and themes together contemporary music practice. Only in her late20s, she has already performed in the USA, Europe, Australia and Asia.


Ado Kaliting Pacidal from Amis/Pangcah Taiwan 

Ado is a singer-songwriter, actor, TV host and activist known for playing the lead role in the award wining Taiwanese film ‘Panay’. Concerned about the fast fading Pangcah culture, she infuses her song writing with storytelling and traditional chants. She is also the producer of the Taiwan indigenous TV and several independent projects.


Charles Maimarosia Are’Are Solomon Islands

Former lead singer, choreographer and songwriter of the globally renowned Narasirato Pan Pipe Band, Charles is no stranger to festival main stages, including Galastonbury, Fuji Rock & Bluesfest. Master of Bamboo Instruments, such as the Awaa and Au-Rerepi (Pan pipes). His aresting voice form the depth of his culture will sing out across the festival, transorting people to other realms. true!