Ngurah Oka from badung village

Ngurah Oka.jpg


I Gusti Ngurah Gede Oka Wiratmaja. S.Sn., more familiarly known as Ngurah Oka, is a Balinese artist from Badung village. He has graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (S1) from the "Institut Seni Indonesia Denpasar / Indonesian Institute of the Arts, Denpasar" and in 2014 he was the founder of Sudamala Art Studio. Right now he is working as a contracted team member in Badung, Bali Cultural Office and always active in various artistic activities in Bali, especially involving the circles of Balinese traditional art and contemporary dance. "Sang Saang" and "Cakkolosal Puputan" are two of his most knows works.


The artists states 'for me, Today's art is a journey of aesthetic process from artists who always want to be different. The differences are displayed both in terms of concept, form and context of the show. Thus, today's art becomes the most actual art in the community because it departs from the results of thinking in the present, so the form of today's work is more on freedom in pouring the artists’ creative ideas which are derived from tradition, post modern, modern, and contemporary to produce the new work.'