Muhammad Syauqi FROM INDONESIA


Dayak Ngaju tribe is the largest Dayak tribe who live in the river area of Kahayan, Kapuas and Katingan. Reliigi this tribe has been in depth in depth. The ancestral origins of Dayak Ngaju can be traced from the historical writings of the Dayak Ngaju people. In the history of ancestors Dayak Ngaju believed to come from the kingdom which was located in the valley of the southern Yunnan Mountains. Muhammad Syauqi is originally from Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan, was born on 18 August 1988. He is son of the soil by the tribe Dayak Ngaju. He is 2013 graduate UMP majoring in elementary school education program study (PGSD). Muhammad Syauqi has had the fortune of performing works with Hatta M Nuri, Toeseng Asang, Tris Sofia Nugraha, Benny M Tundan, AmangFudin, City Art Council (DKD/Dewan Kesenian Kota), Kamau Aboyomi and PRANA. He has attended Hari Tari Sedunia (Dance World Day) Opening by President RI 2013 Jakarta, The movement tribe invention project, Mutant Borneo, Tari Pedalaman Dyogyakarta, Matajiwa act. Rizal and Bali Spirit Festival 2016. Since graduation and leaving Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan, and moved to Bali. Muhammad Syauqi has been  a freelance dancer artist and has worked with dance artist around the world, In addition to being a performer, he is a choreographer.

The artist states 'not the physical beauty and body pattern with beautiful movements and full of spectacles of spectacular gestures that are cultivated in the clump of traditional dance moves but a truth, a summary of the story implied from the histories and previous civilizations. That's what can be interpreted as one of the media in uncovering traces of civilization and the destruction of human relationships, animal glory and greed, as well as the hope of immortality that soars and the fragility of intelligent beings. The movement of tradition restores beauty with simplicity.'