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Grammy award winning featured soloist and Maori musical instrument specialist Jerome Kavanagh (Poutama) hails from the Mokai Patea, Maniapoto, and Kahungunu tribes of Aotearoa, New Zealand, as well as the Caomhanach clan (Irish). He was first introduced to the sound of taonga pūoro at aged 16 by one of his aunties. A family owned koauau (Maori cross blown flute) was the first instrument he recalls learning to play. Maintaining his strong roots, Jerome has become part of a movement introducing Maori music, art and culture to the world. Over his career he has performed/recorded with artists from a variety of different genres which range from Hip Hop to Classical. His collaborations include The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (U.K), Moana and the Tribe (N.Z), Daniel Beddingfeild, Hayley Westenra, Joler Gaan (Bangladesh), Kevin Mark Trail "The Streets" (U.K) and two times Grammy award winning composer Christopher Tin (U.S.A). Jerome joins only a handful of New Zealand musicians as a featured solo artist and lyricist on two time Grammy award winning album "Calling All Dawns" 2011 in "Kia Hora te Marino" (may peace be widespread) recorded at Abbey Road studios, London. More recently he performed at New York’s prestigious Carnegie Hall and The Lincoln Center alongside Distinguished Concerts New York International orchestra, Sydney Opera house with his band HuiA, The British Museum, Te Papa Tongarewa National Museum, Pasifika Festival 2016 and he was also a selected member of the New Zealand Art Delegation at the 11th Festival of Pacific Arts in the Solomon Islands. In 2017, Jerome toured India and Bangladesh sharing his 'Oro Atua Taonga Puoro' sound bath experience and live performances as a guest artist with the legendary Bangladesh band, Joler Gaan. Jerome has traveled to over 40 countries during his musical arts career that spans over 15 years of full time dedication and commitment to his passion. Alongside his musical career, Jerome is one of New Zealand’s most prolific taonga pūoro workshop leaders and guest speakers. At present he travels sharing his interactive, live show "Power to the Puoro" to thousands of children in Aotearoa, New Zealand along with universities, museums, colleges, indigenous communities and sound healing events worldwide.