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Ruma Parsiajaran (Rumah Belajar) Traditional & Sanggar Muda


Ruma Parsiajaran Traditional Inang Nauli Basa is a Community Based Organization (CBO) which is a learning place and a tool of struggle to revive the Traditional Batak Culture. Ruma Parsiajaran Traditional Inang Nauli Basa was established on September 07 2017. With the vision of the realization of Indigenous Peoples who have the principles, values and identity of indigenous peoples are well preserved for the realization of the identity of the Indonesia as nation, this community is running and moving. Every week, there is always a class of learning, art, Batak Toba culture, and creativity.

Some activities in Ruma Parsiajaran Traditional Inang Nauli Basa are teaching and learning, dancing traditional Batak Toba dance, learning to recognize Batak Toba culture directly, making handicraft using second-old things, and planting crops. There are three passionate teaching volunteers who teach the classes using the
Edufuntainment concept (Education, fun and entertainment) and the Pedagogy and Andragogy methods. Obstacles or limitations are not an obstacle for them. They are educational heroes who helped knit the development of Indonesia, especially the indigenous people Batak Toba.