Dayak KANAYATN- West Kalimantan



I was born in a small village in West Borneo. Borneo is the third biggest island in the world with a rainforest ecosystem and hundreds of exotic species. Most of my childhood was spent in the forest. Wildcats and pythons were my friends. The memory of these experiences led me to study Biology. In 2014, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science. As my major was Microbiology, I worked as a Product Specialist for a Microbiology equipment supplier for two years. I also have years of experience working in laboratories. I am one with the word. I always believe in the power of word. It can be spoken. It can be written. Both ways are about working for eternity. I have published two books: My son, Lelaki di Biara, is a collection of poetry and my daughter, Terbuang dari Eden, is a collection of short stories about women.

I have been published in several anthologies and newspapers as well. From 2008-2011, I have given talks about books and writing on local television and radio.


Samabue Customary School Profile

The Samabue Customary School (SAS) is the first customary school in West Kalimantan, established on February 24th 2016, based in Menakin, Landak district, West Kalimantan, Indonesia. The idea of the founding of this customary school emerged during the "Next Gen Indigenous Peoples" training event, held by BPAN, and Life Mosaic in Sui Utik, Kapuas Hulu district, West Kalimantan, on August-September 2015, followed by 30 youth from all over the archipelago.

Customary schools appear with the aim to continue to maintain the customary territories which there are cultural values that must be preserved continuously.



Modesta Wisa

Modesta Wisa was born in Saringkuyakng, November 16th 1991, Kalimantan. She is an indigenous from Dayak Kanayatn tribe. She is actively involving in Indigenous Youth Council Archipelago branch Kalimantan, member of AMAN women and founder of Sekolah Adat Samabue. Her daily activities are teaching children and empowering young people through her work in Samabue.