Dayak Seberuang - West Kalimantan


Tembak Group

Tembak is a hamlet located in Gurung Mali village, Tempunak sub-district, Sintang district of West Kalimantan. The hamlet community of Tembak and its surroundings, especially Dayak Seberuang tribe, still adhere to the customary rules, love the existing cultural arts, and keep the land and forest which are part of the Indigenous culture of Dayak from the past. The community, especially the elders, still perform customary rituals in carrying out some activities such as farming, ngemaik manik anak (baby bath for the first time at the river), marriage, medication, welcoming guests and gawai Dayak (Dayak Indigenous Festival). In addition to traditional rituals and laws, the community also maintains a variety of cultural arts such as weaving, dancing, storytelling, reading poem, singing, playing ruding (traditional music instrument), bejanih (singing likes reaper), engkana (traditional storytelling), nganak (is a way to make fun of making joke and giving advice, wisdom and teasing on someone), penimang (singing to the spirit) and so forth.

There are still some elders who know the customary law, art and culture of Dayak customary such as Ambrosius Lukas Bandar, Yakobus Niat dan Du’k.They will offer their talents and knowledge. Bandar will explain the meaning of basic law of Dayak custom. Niat will do Nimang lalau (sing honey song to the spirit of bee queen, the trees and the flowers). Then, Du'k will play Ruding, read poem, bejanih (singing likes reaper), and nganak (is a way to make fun of making joke and giving advice, wisdom and teasing on someone) in indigenous people film festivals in the hope that Dayak culture is known and also motivates the young generation to recognize and learn their culture in Borneo earth.


Ambrosius Lukas Bandar

Bandar works as a temenggung tempunak hulu (customary lawyer) representing five villages in Tempunak Hulu sub-district. As a lawyer, he regulates customary laws and wedding rituals called patah ricik. As a traditional lawyer of sub-district level, Bandar is also tasked to resolve the problems that occur in the community as customary. Bandar often starts customary matters by explaining the basic customary law that is important for all indigenous peoples to know. Therefore, he will explain about the basic law if you get the opportunity to follow indigenous people festival later in Bali.

Yakobus Niat

NIat is the head of custom of hamlet level, that is Tembak hamlet. He is also tasked with resolving customary matters of village. In addition to know customary law, Niat also is a penimang lalau (Honey song) which is very well known by the community there. Not everyone can be a penimang (singer who sing to the spirit). Being a penimang lalau has a role as a messenger to the queen of bees and to all the plant or flower spirits that have created honey for life. With great respect, Niat will sing or do timang lalau and also tell the meaning of the timang lalau in the opportunity to be given later.


Monika Samdiah

Monica, or called Duk is an indigenous woman who still knows various kinds of traditional art. She also often gives traditional medicines to the community. Duk often shows her traditional art skills such as playing ruding (music instrument), reading poem, bejandih (singing likes reaper) and nganak (is a way to make fun of making joke and giving advice, wisdom and teasing on someone) in every customary event or Dayak Indigenous Festival in her village.Duk will give her custom artistic knowledge such as playing ruding, reading peom, bejandih and nganak in following indigenous people festival in Bali later.