Dayak Ngaju - Central Kalimantan


Karina Natalia

Karina Natalia is an ordinary indigenous youth who wants to take action for her land, Central Kalimantan. She is a college student at University of Palangka Raya. She takes English Education as her study program. She is also part-timer in Ranu Velum Foundation and Youth Act's volunteer. She is incharge on Danum Magazine as Editorial Chief. She also joins some organizations in her college, such as CESA (Christian English Students Association) and ESA (English Students Association). Recently, she and her friends make a movement to teach orphans in shelters freely. They called it "ACT of LOVE" movement. She loves to do something to help others. For her, Love activates her to do something for her land. 


Pak Anden  -   Dayak Ngjau wisdom keeper

Anden is a 72 year old man from a small village called Kanarakan in Central Kalimantan. He is a very wise man and holds tremendous knowledge of the history and culture of his tribe. As an adat leader, he is very respected in the village and the children look up to him for his beautiful calm nature and wisdom. Pak Anden will be speaking at the Green School and is very happy to be part of the Indigenous celebration.