Dayak Benuaq - East Kalimantan


Thresia Hosanna,  SH,  MH

Thresia actively serve as one of the leaders in Dayak National Council. She is coordinating the tourism and culture department of East Kalimantan and also the head chief of Kalimantan Tribe Family Fellowship. Together with her fellow leaders of Dayak Benuaq, she will perform traditional song and share the wisdom of her people to the world in Indigenous Celebration. 



Frades was born in Palembang in 1972. Her love for her people brings her back to East Kalimantan where she joins Dayak East Kalimantan Fellowship and also serves as the chief of Laskar Bunga Pertiwi Pusaka, woman organization that concern for preserving the culture. With her friend Thresia who is a singer and songwriter, Frades also will perform in the Indigenous Celebration. 


Manar Dimansyah Gamas

Manar is the great chief of culture of West Kutai. He serves for period 2018-2023. He and his fellows Dayak Benuaq will bring a dance entitled Behempas Tarian Temanekng which tell the history of Dayak Benuaq people under the leadership of Marajaq Ningkah Olo. Together with Frades and Thresia that form a group called Trio Pore, he also will bring the beauty of his tribe traditional song.